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Class hours are Monday thru Friday 7am-3pm Saturday 7am-3pm

Wrapix Academy
202 West Palm Ave
Burbank, CA 91505
818 433-7548

3M Graphic Films Installation Training for Fleet graphics, Window, Walls, and Floors Graphics
— Five day training courses
— Taught by 3M Authorized trainer and tester
— Comprehensive discussion, demonstration and hands-on training
— Printed Vehicle wraps, Color change wraps, Fleet graphics, boat wraps, smooth walls, textured walls and floor graphics
— Training courses are tailored for all skill levels
— All appropriate tools and materials provided for use during classes
— 11 different training stations available to build and refine skills
— Training course are set up to build skills, and set up students for passing the 3M Preferred Test to become a 3M Preferred Installer

3M DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes Training.
— In this training, you’ll learn the tools and techniques you needed to install 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes in an interior design setting.
— At the end of training, you may test on what you’ve learned to earn the title of 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes Preferred Installer and listed on the 3M Installer Locator.
— Two days of training. One day of testing.

3M Vehicle Color Change Training
— New in 2021!
— In this training, dedicated exclusively installing 3M™ Wrap Film Series 2080 and using 3M™ Knifeless Tape, you’ll learn techniques for vehicle color change installations.
— At the end of training, you may take a test to demonstrate what you’ve learned.
— If you pass the test, you will earn the title of 3M™ Vehicle Color Change Preferred Installer and will be listed on the 3M Installer Locator.
— 3 days of training with optional hands on test on the 3rd day.

*Our class size is small to ensure individual attention for each student and seats fill up quickly. A $500 deposit is required to secure your seat for the date you choose. The remaining balance is due on the first day of class. We accept credit cards and cash.
Deposits are non-refundable. Classes can be rescheduled 1 time within a year of cancellation with a 14 day notice prior to the 1st day of training.

3M Preferred Installer Testing

— The Installer successfully completes the 3M Preferred Graphics Installer test. The test is a rigorous two-day hands-on and written test, which includes demonstrating knowledge and/or skill for the following applications: vehicle wraps; trailers with rivets and corrugations; smooth walls; textured surfaces; floor graphics. Other applications may be added at 3M's discretion.

— We recommend each installer have a minimum of one year hands on experience, and have completed at least 20 full vehicle wraps prior to taking the test.

— The installer completes, signs and submits an application/agreement form along with proof of individual or company liability insurance.

— Upon acceptance, 3M will issue a credential stating that the applicant is now a 3M Preferred Graphics Installer.

— Each 3M Preferred Graphics Installer is required to renew the title annually, which at a minimum may include a written or on-line test. At 3M's discretion, the installer also may be required to complete hands-on testing annually.

— 3M reserves the right to refuse to issue, revoke, or renew the credentials of any 3M Preferred Graphics Installer that has been deemed to be in breach of the said 3M Graphics Preferred Installer agreement.

EACH 3M preferred installer MUST Maintain $1,000,000 of liability insurance and provide annual proof of insurance to 3M, and Wrapix Academy.

Study Materials

— To prepare for the test, especially the written portion, it is important that you know the information found in these 3M Technical Bulletins. Please study them prior to taking the test. All instructional bulletins can be found on 3Mgraphics.com or on the 3M COSMO app available on apple and android devices.

— Product Bulletins:
IJ180 films, 181, IJ380Cv3, GP-1, IJ8171, IJ8624, 162, 3662, 7725, IJ160 films IJ680CR

— Instruction Bulletins:
5.1, 5.19, 5.33, 5.36, 5.37, 5.4, 5.42, 5.5, 6.5, V-Tools